Features & Shot Modes

Firewheel Modes of fire:

  • Semi-Auto
    Pushing forward on the trigger system will release one band at a time – the key is how controlled you can be when you push forward. Have a go at shooting one at a time to get used to the way the trigger works!
  • Full-Auto / Burst fire
    Push the trigger forward slowly for short controlled bursts. After a few times you’ll be able to fire off specific numbers of shots at a time in short bursts.
  • “Shotgun” Mode
    Load a full clip, and then hold the wheel while you push the trigger fowards all the way, so that you can reset the wheel to the largest pin. Then, when you’re ready, the smallest flick of the trigger will let loose all 10 bands! Bam!

There’s a video here that might help you get the hang of loading it: Firewheel Loading & Firing Instruction Video


Firewheel features:

  • Folding stock, for precision aiming support
  • 10-shots per full load
  • Comes with a bag of bands
  • Loads of fun for anyone age 7 and up.
  • Solidly built – you can get replacement parts at cost, but they’re rarely needed.
    (Chris’ comment: I’ve had one for almost 10 years and it still works as well as when I got it.)