Safe Rubber Band Gun

While the Firewheel RBG was originally designed for kids (age 7+), it has found new popularity among adults as an office toy. Being designed for kids gives it a big advantage in the safety department – at least for the person loading it! Of course you should still be careful what you’re aiming it at, but we’ve spent years developing the wheel mechanism to prevent it firing backwards at you. Another key concerns with other RBG’s is being able to load things other than just rubber bands (bolts, paper pellets, etc) which cause way more harm than rubber bands! Rubber bands spread their impact over a larger area so while you might get a red mark or something, it’s very unlikely it will be any worse than that even at close range.

With regard to projectile-firing toys, Australian Standard AS 1647.2 is the strictest standard in the world, and the Firewheel is the only rubber band gun that complies with all its requirements. We’re happy to send you a full copy of each of our safety reports on request.